250,000 Spay/Neuter Surgeries!

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Can we get a drumroll please…

We’re celebrating our 250,000th surgery here at Humane Ohio with a little kitten named Teddy! This is such a milestone, and a huge accomplishment for our clinic. While there are many new faces on the team since 2006, and a new building, the vision has remained the same: A community without homeless pets where all residents have access to quality, low-cost spay/neuter and resources to help keep pets healthy and happy in their homes.

Our work can sometimes feel daunting, as we encounter 70-100 animals daily without seemingly no end in sight. The sheer volume of animals needing surgery can be overwhelming, making it seem like we are not making a significant impact. However, the number of surgeries completed is staggering on its own. Consider the animals that would have been born without these crucial spay/neuter procedures and the profound effect it would have had on our shelter and rescue system, the population of stray cats, and animals facing life-threatening conditions like pyometra.

In just over 18 years, Humane Ohio has prevented the birth of millions of kittens and puppies. This means that more than one million unwanted dogs and cats will not be surrendered to shelters or rescues, spared the challenges of street life, or abandoned due to overwhelmed owners. Our work is far from finished, and we are dedicated to expanding our capacity and performing more surgeries each year. With the ongoing support of our communities, we can continue to make a positive impact, one animal at a time.

Celebrate with us as we continue our goal of no more homeless pets, with a limited edition T-shirt to commemorate the moment! Get yours today! —> www.bonfire.com/celebrating-250000-surgeries/

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