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@PetSmartChariTs: Mike had to put his cat, Peaches, down & was healing from the loss of his friend. He shared how difficult it’s been to come home & not be greeted by her every day. So when Mike first saw Ted in the adoption window, he just knew he was the one for him. #iadopted 📷: @HumaneOhio https://t.co/owaEOCkVCN

New Clinic-Capital Campaign

Humane Ohio helps over 19,000 pets and pet caregivers each year in our small facility. The move to a larger building will have an enormous impact on the difference we can make in the Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan region for homeless pets. You can be a part of this life-saving mission!


In July 2002, we had an idea: what if we could solve the problem of pet overpopulation by treating it at it's source? Could we work actively to spay/neuter free-roaming cats and kittens before puberty? Could we reduce overcrowding in shelters? Could we help low income neighbors with affordable procedures? 

The answer was a resounding yes, and Humane Ohio, a 501(c)(3) organization, was born.

We began with a monthly MASH (Mobile Animal Sterilization Hospital) for cats at risk. In 2006, we moved into our first stationary clinic, but quickly outgrew it by 2009 when we moved into our current facility. Now, 17 years after our first MASH unit, we've outgrown a second stationary clinic. It's time for us to open the doors to a new, larger, and better equipped clinic. Our animal friends need our help.


1.5 million animals are euthanized every year in the US... your contribution will help us spay/neuter nearly 10,000 more animals in our region annually. 

How You Can Help!

Our current facility is dated, inefficient, and limits our ability to perform much needed services.

Please support our work by making a donation to the Let's Fix It campaign. Your gift will help us to spay/neuter more animals in our community and surrounding region for years to come.

Honor a beloved person or pet by naming a part of our new facility in their memory! It's a legacy of caring and compassion that will save the lives of thousands of our animal friends.

Use the form on this page to make a donation today - or click the yellow button to shop our Amazon wish list.

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Take a Look at the Plans

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What we Provide...



Naming Opportunities

Humane Ohio’s New Clinic-Capital Campaign

To express gratitude to donors who make a significant financial gift, Humane Ohio will recognize and honor the gift by “naming” an area in the new Humane Ohio Clinic. In each area, a permanent plaque will recognize the donor’s caring support.

Donations can be made as a one-time gift, or any donation $1,000 or over can be split into automatic monthly or annual payments over a time period of your choice.

NAMING OF THE CLINIC - $300,000 (Claimed)

We will “name” the new Clinic for a charitable contribution of $300,000 over a donor-designated pledge period. This is a legacy of caring and compassion that will save the lives of thousands of our animal friends as well as an investment in their present and future well-being.

LOBBY/RECEPTION AREA – $150,000 (Claimed)
Over 50 visitors each day enter the facility through the main entrance into the lobby. This area serves as an informational welcome to Humane Ohio. It is directly connected to, and has viewing into, the adoption room. The sponsor who chooses this area will have their choice of a portrait or a large naming plaque prominently displayed in the lobby.

Whether it is a staff meeting, a feral cat trapping class, a volunteer event or an educational program for area rescues, visitors can meet in this bright room and around the tables, learn new information about caring for pets and community cats and more. This educational area can provide firsthand experience of the many facets and care of community cats, pets and shelter animals.

Each day in our new clinic two veterinarians will perform surgery in each suite, providing spay/neuter for up to 70 pets each day per suite! Our veterinarians are spay/neuter specialists and the very best at what they do. These surgery suites allow us to work diligently every day to decrease the pet overpopulation problem in our area.

Registered veterinary technicians prepare all the animals for surgery in this space. The animals are brought in by a caring technician or assistant, are skillfully prepared for surgery and taken into the surgery suites immediately after. This room is a bustling place every day as every animal passes through here in their spay/neuter process.

ADOPTION ROOM – $10,000 (Claimed)
The adoption room is attached to the lobby where waiting clients can view cats or kittens in the Humane Ohio adoption program that are in the building at that time. This room gives these homeless kitties a place to call their
own while they wait for that perfect match to come along. Comfortable cat condos ensure they feel safe and secure despite being in a new place.

EXAM ROOM – $10,000
The exam room is attached to the lobby and is where clients can talk privately to a veterinarian when needed. Animals that have any problems after surgery are seen in the clinic for free and they will appreciate a quiet place to wait and receive any treatment they need.

STAFF LOUNGE – $5,000 (Claimed)
Even the most dedicated and ambitious staffer needs a break occasionally after a busy morning of surgery. This quiet room allows staff to collect their thoughts, recharge and grab a snack before heading in to the afternoon surgeries and all the end of the day cleaning tasks that await them.

Humane Ohio sees over 5,000 outdoor community cats for spay/neuter each year. Many of these cats have had very limited human contact in their lives. To keep their visit as stress-free as possible cats that arrive in live-traps are covered and brought into one of the community cat rooms as soon as they arrive. The lights are kept low and noise is kept to a minimum in this area of the clinic. All outdoor cats spend the night with us to ensure complete recovery from surgery before heading back and these rooms will allow them a calm, safe space to stay.

DOG ROOM – $5,000
Humane Ohio spays/neuters over 4,000 owned dogs each year. These dogs will get health and behavior benefits from being fixed and their owners get the peace of mind of knowing they are not contributing to pet overpopulation. This calming room will allow these dogs to rest comfortably before and after surgery (and receive a snuggle or two from clinic staff).

SHELTER DOG ROOM – $5,000 (Claimed)
Humane Ohio works with over 35 area rescues and shelters to prepare their dogs and cats for adoption. We visit eleven different counties with our transport vehicles to bring shelter pets to the clinic so they can be safely spayed or neutered and before finding their forever homes. 

DOG EXAM ROOM – $2,500 (Claimed)
The dog exam room allows each dog to be examined by a veterinarian and technician after arrival and determine if they are healthy enough for surgery. Allowing the dogs to come into this quiet room after the exciting or sometimes stressful trip to the clinic helps them to form a bond with the staff and feel safe throughout the rest of the day with us.

LAUNDRY ROOM – $1,500 (Claimed)
Each dog or cat that visits Humane Ohio receives a comfortable blanket of their own during their stay (sometimes two or three!). To keep up with all this laundry we have four washers and dryers going all day long! This laundry
room will get a lot of use and ensure that animals have a clean, comfortable environment at Humane Ohio.

Most cats and kittens in the Humane Ohio adoption program stay in foster homes while waiting to find their own families, but there are times when they have to stay at the clinic for a variety of reasons. These condos, located in the Adoption Room, will allow them more spacious accommodations during their stay with separate areas for their litterboxes and food.

We can’t do all those spay/neuter surgeries without the proper surgery tables! Having eight surgery tables in our new clinic will allow our staff to be much more efficient and thereby help more animals. These tables adjust for the
size of the dog and are heated for their safety and comfort.

Whether our canine patients are Great Danes or Chihuahuas, we have a comfortable place for them to stay. These kennels will accommodate even our largest patients while they wait for surgery and rest after their procedure.

A high proportion of shelter dog populations are large and extra-large dogs. Our current clinic is so limited on the number of large dogs we can house each day, it sometimes causes shelter dogs to wait for weeks to get in for surgery. These spacious kennels in our shelter dog room will allow us to get area shelter dogs spayed/neutered more quickly and thus on their way to their new homes.

For our smaller canine guests, they will stay in a size appropriate cage while waiting for surgery and then waiting to go home. Sponsor one of these cages to help us help more dogs.

Our friendly feline guests are accommodated in stainless steel cages with a comfortable fleece blanket during their stay. These cages double the number of cats we can see in a day, allowing us to make a greater impact on the cat overpopulation in our region.