Humane Ohio Fundraising

If you would like to plan a fundraising event or activity on behalf of Humane Ohio, please read on! Your time and dedication is very much appreciated! Please contact Humane Ohio at least four weeks before your scheduled fundraiser to allow for review and approval of your event or activity. This will also give us sufficient time to help promote the fundraiser to our supporters and list it on our website! Don’t forget to ask your employer if they have a matching gift program that will match whatever funds you and/or your colleagues raise for Humane Ohio!

A barking ovation to businesses and friends who have helped Humane Ohio by fundraising on our behalf or making in-kind donations!!


Private Fundraising Examples...



Eleven area Arby's restaurants teamed up to have bake sales and a donation drive to benefit Humane Ohio. They raised $1,000 and all these wonderful donations!

Saved by Love

Author, Virginia Ulch, created this heartwarming children's book, Saved by Love - From Rescue Dog to Rock Star. The proceeds of the book are donated to Humane Ohio and other local animal organizations!


Barry Bagels

Barry Bagels displays Humane Ohio donation canisters in all of its Toledo area locations and raises easy money for our spay/neuter efforts.

Roscoe and Dakota

Roscoe and Dakota, the donkeys, and their humans have created super creative, fun calendars the past two years, sold them, and donated the proceeds to Humane Ohio!


So what can YOU do?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Consider getting your co-workers to gather their change to donate. You could all decide to pack your lunches for a week and donate the money you would have spent eating out!
  • Organize a “bring your dog to work day.” A group of eight friends did this at their work places and charged people $10 to bring their dogs for one day. Their employers matched their donations and they raised $7,500!
  • Have regular “jeans days” at work. Employees pay $3-$5 for the opportunity to wear jeans each Friday in the workplace, and the funds come to Humane Ohio!
  • Have a bake sale at work! Make some cookies or brownies and sell them. A school sold green cupcakes and plants during St. Patrick’s Day week and made $280!
  • Celebrate your birthday by asking your friends and family to make a donation to Humane Ohio in your honor!
  • Do you work in a restaurant or retail store? Donate gift certificates to Humane Ohio! We can use these for prizes for fundraisers or to get needed supplies from places like home supply and pet stores.
  • Do you have a special skill? We are always looking for help with projects like printing, marketing, photography, landscaping and data entry! Put your skills to work by volunteering with Humane Ohio.

Contact our Development team at 419-266-5607 ext 112 or