Send a Furry Valentine

Share the love this Valentine's Day! 

You can "Send a Furry Valentine" with a donation of just $10 between February 1st and February 14th. Your Valentine will get an adorable email Valentine (choose from the images below) as well as a personal message from you, while you get to help keep spay/neuter accessible and affordable to all area residents. 

*Please note - all Valentines will go out the day you order them, so if you'd rather they not be sent until the 14th, please do the order on that day. *

We are able to make the difference that we do through the generosity of people like you... thank you!!

You're Purr-fect

You're Purr-fect

Knead You

Valentine 3

Pooch Smooch

Valentine 5

I Mustache You

Valentine 7

Puppy Love

Puppy Love

You're Pawsome

Valentine 4 revised


Valentine 6 revised

Puppy's Poem

Valentine 8