Our Spay/Neuter Clinic & Pet Food Bank

Humane Ohio’s non-profit, low-cost spay/neuter clinic opened in January 2006. 

In 2018, we performed 17,895 spay/neuter surgeries in our clinic! We are currently searching for a larger building to hopefully be a permanent home for Humane Ohio where we can continue to grow and help more pets and families in our community for many years to come. 


Tour the Clinic

Humane Ohio offers high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter to all area pet parents, people caring for free-roaming cats, animal shelters and rescue groups

The Humane Ohio Pet Food Bank makes pet food available to pet parents and people caring for free-roaming cats

The lobby and our friendly staff are the first things clients see

Clients drop off their pets for spay/neuter surgery first thing every day, Monday through Friday

The “pack room” where we wrap packs and sterilize all of our surgical instruments

The dog exam room where every dog gets a brief physical exam before their spay/neuter surgery

A Humane Ohio furry client gets prepped for spay/neuter surgery by two loving vet techs

Another Humane Ohio furry client gets some love from a vet tech before being prepped for spay/neuter

The super-sized big dog area where large dogs rest while they recover from their spay/neuter surgery and wait to go home

One of our licensed veterinarians (DVM) performs a spay/neuter surgery with two licensed vet techs assisting

A happy Humane Ohio client has been fixed and is ready to go home

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