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We had 8 adoptions this week! Mid-Week, Daisy & Tulip went to their forever homes. On Saturday at our adoption eve… https://t.co/JpnP93OWxM

A Better Life

Pet overpopulation is responsible for starvation, disease, exposure, cheap animals for scientific use, increased dog bites, and animal cruelty in our community. Your contribution will help us give all pets a better life.

High angle view of cute kitten sleeping funny on a sofa

Our Humble Beginnings...

In July 2002, we had an idea: what if we could solve the problem of pet overpopulation by going to it's source? Could we work actively to spay/neuter free-roaming cats and kittens before puberty? Could we reduce overcrowding in shelters? Could we help low income neighbors with affordable procedures? 

The answer was a resounding yes: Humane Ohio, a 501(c)(3) organization, was born.

We began with a monthly MASH (Mobile Animal Sterilization Hospital) for cats at risk. In 2006, we moved into our first stationary clinic, but quickly outgrew it by 2009 when we moved into our current facility. Now, 17 years after our first MASH unit, we've outgrown a second stationary clinic. It's time to open the doors to a new, larger, and better equipped clinic. Our animal friends need our help.

How You Can Help!

Please support our work by making a donation to the Let's Fix It campaign. Your gift will help us to spay/neuter more animals in our community and surrounding region for years to come. 

Honor a beloved person or pet by naming a part of our new facility in their memory! It's a legacy of caring and compassion that will save the lives of thousands of our animal friends.

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