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@PetSmartChariTs: Mike had to put his cat, Peaches, down & was healing from the loss of his friend. He shared how difficult it’s been to come home & not be greeted by her every day. So when Mike first saw Ted in the adoption window, he just knew he was the one for him. #iadopted 📷: @HumaneOhio https://t.co/owaEOCkVCN

In Honor Of


Christina "Chrissie" M. Carson

Reflections of a Multidimensional Volunteer Who Brings Comfort to Critters and Humans Alike

Chrissie Carson doesn't have ordinary animal or human friends; instead she treats all with the love and closeness of being her identical twin, they are family. Chrissie is the consummate example of unconditional love, support and nurturing that could ever be known to human or animal. Those who have been on the receiving end of her generous spirit undoubtedly remember her.

Chrissie has been a devoted and loving wife to her life-partner, Patrick Carson, for more than fifty golden years. As a registered nurse, she has found countless ways to express her empathy, compassion, skill, spontaneity, dedication and love to the ill, injured, and those less fortunate, or those in the midst of an unexpected crisis. For the last eighteen years, Chrissie has participated in mission trips to the Dominican Republic, serving as a team leader and shouldering a large portion of responsibility for coordinating many aspects of the trips. Her sensitive nature has provided a means for other trip volunteers to meet their personal needs so they, too, can participate in trips to the Dominican. Once in the Dominican, she continued to put her best efforts forward, bringing much

On a daily basis, Chrissie feeds the birds, squirrels, stray cats and many other critters to nurture them during summer days and the harsh times of winter. She takes stray animals to be neutered or spayed, helping reduce the overpopulation of abandoned and abused animals. Also in Chrissie's nature are her continual efforts to provide safety and shelter to many of the abandoned, lonely, sick and scared animals in the area. As a sanctuary for feral cats, Chrissie was instrumental in having a cat house erected, thus providing shelter and security to some of this cat population.

It is often said that one should remain positive, hopeful and optimistic in all aspects of life. How easy that is when talking about Chrissie - there honestly isn't anything negative to say! She doesn't speak harshly about others or situations - always finds that silver lining in a dark cloud. As someone who tends to jump in and make things right, Chrissie is a powerful motivator, inspiration and role model to all.

Christina M. Carson, with all the love and respect from the lives you've touched...human, furry and feathered, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR RETIREMENT!! We wish you only the best in your new life and all the awesome endeavors that await you. You have been, and will continue to be, an amazing blessing to a hurting world. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for all you have given.

Chrissie, in recognition of all your years of selfless acts of generosity, a donation in your honor is being made to Humane Ohio. We love you! We will miss you! Happy Retirement!

~ Tribute placed December 3, 2015 by LuAnn B.


In Loving Memory Of


September 20, 2011 - November 6, 2020

On November 6, 2020, we lost our Otis, a 9-year old Dogue de Bordeaux we adopted in 2017.  

Otis was perfection and brought us so much joy.  He was the absolute best road trip companion, traveling to over thirty different states with us and making friends with everyone along the way.  Everyone in our neighborhood knew Otis and loved seeing him meander along on our morning walks, often stopping at a freshly-watered lawn to take a drink or lay down for a rest.  Otis taught us that life is meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, taking in the beauty of nature and always being friendly to whoever crosses your path.  We miss Otis every day, but the love he gave during his time with us will be with us always.  

~Submitted by Beth Wright-Archer & Brian Archer on January 25, 2021


Thomas Patrick Bueter

September 19, 1946 ~ December 8, 2020 (age 74)

Tom and his wife Heather have not been in my life for very long, but it was easy to see the affinity that both have for animals and humans alike.  I learned of Tom's history serving in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam war through the many stories he would tell of his buddies, the people and the animals he encountered along the way.  Both before and after  his service in Vietnam, Tom worked for General Mills where he retired after 37 years. Tom's early affinity for animals expanded to a love of horses. He purchased an Appaloosa stallion and a few broodmares and began breeding horses. It was at that time in his life that Tom met and courted his best friend and wife to be, Heather Greenwald. They were married on June 24, 1977 and have one daughter and son in law. Tom and Heather purchased their farm in Petersburg, MI. and Tom began a life-long love affair with the land, his pond, and every adoptable dog and cat in the neighborhood.  It was at this barn I met them and they have so kindly cared for my senior horse the past two years. Watching Tom with the cats that found their way to the farm was a sight to behold. Being an animal lover myself, I would often try to get to know these cats, but they would have nothing to do with me.  It was only Tom that they would allow to pet them, they followed him everywhere. They seemed to look at me and say "I don't think so, you're not Tom!".  I am often reminded of the quote by Immanuel Kant  "You can tell the heart of a man by his treatment of animals".  I can only imagine the number of animals lives that he touched and helped to have a life in which they were respected, fed and provided love and shelter.  Tom is very much missed at the farm by people and animals alike. 

~Submitted by Ted and Sue Hehl on January 3rd, 2021


CJ Vroman

C.J.'s love for animals began early when as a child she and sister Carol would raise red ear slider turtles they bought at the pet store. One of their turtles, Morgan, grew so big they donated him to the Toledo Zoo. She began her life's mission of rescue and care of cats when she became a certified pet sitter. She also had a heart for all animals and at one time enjoyed owning and riding her horse. Her philanthropy in animal care and rescue is well known not only in Toledo but in other parts of the country as well. She has many friends in the rescue and care of animals and will be missed by all. She was passionate and outspoken about not declawing cats, trap and release of ferals after neutering, and keeping pet cats indoors.

~Memorial placed December 5, 2018 by  Dorothy Byers & Nancy Clabaugh


Sandy May

Sandy May was an open-hearted and loving person who brought joy to the lives of friends, family and all who knew her. In addition to the countless people who mourn her loss, Sandy will also be greatly missed by the countless cats who were impacted by her kindness through the years.

 Throughout her life Sandy would feed, house, spay/neuter and provide veterinary care for the many homeless cats who crossed her path. Every conversation with Sandy always included the most recent update on her furry friends and through the years she provided care for cats with nearly every ailment and personality. Sandy's patience and love for those cats who had challenging personalities and medical ailments was second to none. Particularly grateful cats included Sassy, Kipper, Tiger, Kiki, Tortie, Smokey, Shawnie, Igor and the feral resident cats of her neighborhood who depended upon her kindness on a daily basis. Her passionate work in caring for cats in her community will be greatly missed. 

~Memorial placed August 13, 2018 by  Diane Gebert & Family



Jen was a Balinese kitten who was born with her twin on the same placenta. Jen was sweet and gentle, she made her way into my heart. Jen was born with an incomplete colon and lost her life after a seven week battle. A few fans of Jen got together and donated so her life would matter. We hope that Jen will inspire more people to donate to Humane Ohio and make her life matter even more. We love you, Jen.

~Memorial placed January 2, 2018 by Kathryn Weil



We had to euthanize our dear old(? Age but guessing 10-15) Fluffy 3 months ago. And tho I never got to pet him, never got too close without a hiss, I still grieve for him and miss him as tho he were one of our 4 indoor cats. 

I can’t stop looking out the kitchen patio doors to see if he is there. For a knarely, usually dirty feral cat, he sure had my heart. In his last 5 years, his best hangout was our patio, where our furniture was and he loved that. Also put the round outdoor insulated cat house to good use too. First thing every morning in winter, I shoveled a path for him to get to all his places he needed to go. Yesterday, I shoveled pathways again just for old times sake. And I cried, again. Didn’t really realize what a huge piece of my heart he still has.

~Memorial placed December 13, 2017 by Bonnie Peterson


Murray and Pete

Dear Humane Ohio -

My husband and I lost both of our beloved boys Murray, a Chocolate Lab (Nov. 30, 2001-August 17, 2016) and Pete, a Black Lab mix (July 26, 2002-October 16, 2016) last year.  They were with us when we got married, when we moved across the country from Ohio to Utah, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, when we moved back across the country from Utah to North Carolina, and at all times/places in between.  In memory of 14+ years of pure happiness, unbridled joy, complete faithfulness and unconditional love…we love you Murray and Pete...our Moose and Squirrel…our heart dogs.

We are grateful to be able to honor our boys with a donation to your organization and the important work that you do!

Thank you and keep up the amazing job,

Beth Wright-Archer & Brian Archer

~Memorial placed February 6, 2017 by Beth Wright-Archer & Brian Archer


Princess Olive

In memory of sweet beagle baby, princess Olive. She will be missed by not only her loving parents, Luke and Crystal, but by all who met her. She got a cancer diagnosis and passed away shortly after on Friday 11/27/15.  We love you, Olive!

~ Memorial placed December 2, 2015 by Leah L.


Luella E. King
March 6, 1929-June 28, 2015

My sister, of Temperance, Michigan, had always demonstrated her immeasurable capacity to love: her God and Church; her husband of almost 68 years and daughter, Luci; her grandkids and great-grandkids; her "furry kids."

During the almost 68 years of her marriage, she loved, cared for and mourned the passing of several "Pepi's" (the first pictured here with her daughter Luci in 1955); several "King's" (beagles); a beautiful, soulful black lab named "Shadow"; more poodles (frequently named CoCo); dozens of cats and other dogs that I cannot even name! (But Luella could - each and every beloved one of them.)

There was never a cat or dog that Luella didn't find worthy of her compassion and love. Even the occasional old, cranky Coco who only had eyes for Luella! Luella would just hug Coco tighter and exclaim, You will get old and cranky too one day!"

Luella led us by example. Her Legacy lives on strong and determined. If it be a two-legged human kid or a four-legged furry kid, it is our duty to protect and to love them.

It was Luella's last wish, in lieu of flowers, that people consider donations to Humane Ohio to keep her "caring" alive, and to help care for God's critters who cannot care for themselves.

In loving tribute to my sister.

~ Memorial placed July 2, 2015 by Lydia Weaver-Mercier, Casa Grande, Arizona


Debra Lynn Radtke-Brighton
July 14, 1971-March 15, 2015

I was a lucky man to have met and been a part of Debra's life. Debra gave so much to everyone around her. She set the bar very high in her unselfishness towards everyone in her life. We all need to live by her example. If so what a great world we would live in.

Debra loved her family and friends unconditionally. Most of all she loved all her furbabies: dogs Mesha and Winnie, and cat Onyx. Onyx was a shelter cat. Debra brought Onyx home and loved him until Debra's last day. She was predeceased in death by her best friend: dog Teddy. Debra's furbabies are now with family. Deb has not only become their angel but an angel for all of us. No words can describe the sorrow we all feel for such a huge loss.

In the spirit of Debra's giving, I am making a donation to the Humane Ohio Spay/Neuter clinic. It is one more thing I can do for her that would have made her happy. They are a great cause that does so much for the community.

RIP Debra. You will live forever in my heart.

~ Memorial placed April 2, 2015 by Brian Kinshella



I will never forget the first time I saw Sweetie. She couldn't have been more than a couple months old. We had just discovered we had a feral cat epidemic in our neighborhood. It was late fall,2012, and we noticed an increase in cats scurrying around in our backyard. Of course, we immediately put out food for them, but they were all very skittish and ran off with the sight of us. We watched out the back window as they would gobble up the food we put out for them.

This went on for the entire winter and when spring approached we knew it was time to get them all spayed and neutered. By now, they were getting somewhat used to us and would come within a few feet of us.

Ken and I were both very caught up in "Sweetie." At first glance she seemed like a normal kitty, but as she inched closer to us we noticed her big, beautiful, pumpkin orange eyes! They stood out in the crowd. She would stare at us in the basement window as we did laundry. We were captivated by her.

We contacted Humane Ohio and learned about their low cost spay/neuter clinic. After doing the math, we realized we must have had about 20 cats roaming our area. I learned about Alley Cat Allies from a friend and realized that TNR would be the right thing to do in this case. So, with a few donations from friends and some of our own money we began the process of TNR.

Sweetie was the first cat we trapped,and spayed, so Ken gave me the "okay" to try to bring her in and domesticate her. This was new to us, we had inside cats and never dealt with ferals before, but we started doing a lot of research. We kept Sweetie in our spare bedroom. She was very nervous at first, but we soon got her to play with toys and come out of hiding to eat. After about 3 months of constant attention, love and patience, Sweetie decided she was ready to meet the rest of the family. She inched her way out of the room and immediately made friends with our 4 inside cats.It was like flipping a switch, she was all of a sudden a lovable, domesticated cat.

In the meantime, Ken and I were trapping all the rest of the colony, one by one, for several months. Humane Ohio helped a great deal with the cost of the spay/neuter through the Dr. Kelly Fund. By summer of 2013 we had all of the colony spay/neutered, shelters, and feeding stations. These were now "Our" babies! They became family to us.

Unfortunately, by fall of 2013, Sweetie became very ill. She had came down with upper respiratory infection. The vet ran some tests on her and we discovered she tested positive for FeLV. We were so distraught. The Vet asked us what we wanted to do. He mentioned putting her down so the other cats wouldn't catch the virus, but Ken and I decided that wasn't an option. They had been together for several months already, playing and grooming each other.We decided we would do what ever it took, within our financial means, to keep her healthy. We began a very long course of antibiotics, on again, off again. This went on for about 6 months. Sweetie would have good days and bad days, but overall she was still active and seemed happy.

January 2015, Sweetie became very ill. She was losing a lot of weight and stopped grooming. I began bathing her myself with Dawn dish soap and brushing out her long coat, which was never easy. Sweetie was losing her mobility. She was so weak and had a hard time even standing up. We were taking her to the litter box and bringing her food and water.

By January 27th, Ken and I decided it was time to lay Sweetie to rest. She had fought a tough battle but couldn't hold on any longer. We had our Vet put her down.

She is missed terribly in our home. Every morning I expect her to be in the kitchen with me as I prepare wet and dry food for the "insiders" and the "outsiders" (referring to our cats). I miss her cuddles and her beautiful "meow." She has crossed the heavenly rainbow and is happy and healthy now, no longer in any pain.

 ~ Memorial placed February 12, 2015 by CJ Vroman for Rachel & Ken Fashbaugh



Nichole Danielle Ball (AKA Baby Dove)
December 29, 1980-March 30, 2004

Nichole would light up a room when she entered. She had a way of "living out loud." If you met Nichole even once, you would remember her.

At the young age of 23, Nichole earned her Angel Wings. Nichole accomplished so much in her time with us. She was active in the Air Force Reserves. Nichole was also accepted to a local college for their veterinary program. She would have been a great veterinarian.

Nichole was a loving daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin and friend. Nichole will always be missed yet never far away as we hold her close to our hearts every day.

~ Memorial placed March 30, 2014 by Uncle Roo and Aunt Jody

Sylvia Gribbin
September 24, 1940-August 27, 2012

In loving memory of our mother, grandmother and friend, Sally (Sylvia) Gribbin who will forever be missed and thought of every day by her family: Jim, Mark, Laura, Jack, little Jack, Courtney, Theresa, Chuck, Charlie, Dusty, Leah, Selena, little Charlie, Jeremiah and Yvette. Sally was a passionate advocate for all animals, but had a special place in her heart for her cats Sammy and Dusty and those pets of her family: Zeus, Cain Snowy, Findin, Brandy, Snickies, Kitten and Gracie.

Humane Ohio helped Sally spay and neuter her furry indoor friends, and also aided with fixing the cats she showed compassion and love to that lived their lives as free-roaming cats. Sally was a true animal lover and we hope to continue her legacy by supporting Humane Ohio and the animals they help.

We love and miss you so very much, every day.

~ Memorial placed by Laura and Jack



Bouncer was a pup with a truly amazing story, and his pet parent, Kat, made a special donation to Humane Ohio in his honor. Bouncer was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, and Kat and many generous individuals raised money for the expensive medical care that he needed. Lots of wonderful people donated to help brave Bouncer; Kat wanted the surplus money to go towards helping other animals.

In memory of a street dog, who bounced his way into our hearts, loved many, and who lost his battle with nasal cancer on June 22, 2012.

~ Memorial placed 28-Jun-2012 by Kat


Faith Ann Ontiveros
February 23, 1962-January 7, 2010

Faith was compassionate and conscientious in every aspect of her life. But it was her devotion to loving and caring for animals that gave her, and the animals that were lucky enough to have been touched by her, so much joy. It seemed every few months she had a new story about another stray that she was fostering or an existing foster that she had found a permanent home for. Her desk at work was filled with pictures of her dog Dancer and the many cats she had taken in over the years. She would often ask us about our pets as if they were our children - many times handing out treats for us to take home to our four-legged family members.

Faith will be missed dearly by her family, friends and co-workers. She will always be remembered with a smile. Her co-workers at Havill & Company hope their donation will go a long way towards giving others reason to smile as they care for their pets through the services provided by Humane Ohio.


Ann Kipplen
January 21, 1943-June 2, 2008

Ann was a tireless advocate for all animals, no matter what their species. She had a particular love of cats, and did everything from caring for the strays around her own house to making sure her cat-less neighbors weren't cat-less for long by helping them adopt the right cat.

Ann was a founding board member of Humane Ohio and we wouldn't be here fixing over 14,000 pets a year without her dedication.You could see Ann's smiling face each month at our original FELIX cat clinics checking people in with a "Hi, sweetie" for the humans and an "Aren't you cute?" for the kitties. Whenever you called Ann for the animals, she was there.

A donation in Ann's name from her co-workers who so loved her at the Institute of Human Services will allow Humane Ohio to help more cats in her honor.

We miss you dearly, Ann!


Flora Inez Shapiro
May 8, 1922-September 6, 2008

Inez had a lifelong love for cats and rescued many over the years. Employees from H.O.T. Printing & Graphics - which she founded in 1976 in her Toledo home - and Envelope Mart took up a collection of donations that they are giving to Humane Ohio. Volunteer Cindy Hauff was a friend of Inez and Humane Ohio and introduced Inez to the work of Humane Ohio.

Inez was a warm and caring person who supported many local charities. She was a top local female bowler in the 60s and 70s and bowled in the Blade Queens traveling league. She was an accomplished musician who enjoyed playing the accordion, piano and organ. She was an avid gardener and shared a large vegetable garden for many years with her South Toledo neighbor and future husband, Harlie, who she married in 2001.



Rocky was a surprise Father's Day gift for Jack. Little did any of us know what an impact he would have on our lives. To describe him as a beloved pet does not serve him well enough. He was intelligent, loving and so in tuned to Jack's spirit and feelings that we considered him a blessing.

Rocky was Jack's shadow; his constant companion. He loved to walk, run, chase, play or just sit in the car to go along for the ride. And he was always wagging his tail. Laying in bed at night, we would speak his name and hear the gentle thump, thump, thump on the floor beside the bed. His loss devastated all of us and we know that we'll never again have another "Rocky," but are ever so grateful to have had him at all.

~ Memorial placed 14-Feb-2008 by Jack and Pam Fynes

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