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Tom’s longtime feline friend passed away not too long ago, and he decided he was ready to welcome a new kitty into his home. He originally came to meet two of our kittens, but then he saw the very affectionate and laid-back Ollivander in our adoption room!

Ollivander is a special handsome man – he came to us on a transport, and tested positive for FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus). Unfortunately, the shelter he was visiting us from does not have the resources to accommodate FIV-positive cats, and sending him back would have meant he would have been euthanized. Our veterinarian could not let that happen, and we brought him into our foster program!

Tom actually came back twice to meet Ollivander, and made sure to speak with his full-service vet to learn about FIV before the adoption was finalized. He learned that cats with FIV can still live very long and happy lives, and Ollivander now gets to spend his life in a loving home with Tom!

One of our pet-projects (no pun intended) that is near and dear to our hearts is staying up to date with the latest science on FIV and FeLV (Feline leukemia virus) in cats. Once thought of as death sentences, we now have FIV/FeLV cats regularly adopted from our adoption program.

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