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Services & Prices

We run spay/neuter specials throughout the year. Visit our News page where spay/neuter promotions are announced (availability is limited).

Quality, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter

Humane Ohio can offer low-cost spay/neuter prices because, as a 501c3 non-profit organization, donations help keep our prices low. We focus solely on spay/neuter because our goal is to prevent unwanted litters.

Standard of Care

Humane Ohio believes that all animals should receive the highest quality veterinary care possible, even if the services are performed at a reduced cost. All spay/neuter surgeries are performed by licensed veterinarians (DVMs) and all animals entrusted to Humane Ohio are attended to before and after spay/neuter surgery by trained veterinary technicians. Every patient receives pain medication. Humane Ohio has fixed over 100,000 animals and fixes over 15,000 animals a year!

Download and print our flyer and help promote our low cost spay/neuter clinic for cats and dogs!

Recommended Vaccines

Humane Ohio recommends that all animals who use our clinic be up-to-date on vaccines. Humane Ohio does not offer vaccines in advance of your spay/neuter appointment, so you should visit your private vet or a local pet supply store that offers low-cost vaccination clinics. Humane Ohio does offer low-cost vaccines at the time of the spay/neuter only. We do not provide vaccine boosters. We focus solely on spay/neuter because our goal is to prevent unwanted litters.



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