Pay to Spay

Humane Ohio has a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Program. This is when a cat is trapped, spayed or neutered, and then returned/released to the location where it was trapped. We are more than happy to loan out live traps and teach people how to use them, but for clients who do not have an interest or ability to do this themselves but still want to help the cats, we offer the Pay to Spay program. 

  • You pay an hourly wage (currently $13.50/hour) for the employee that is attempting to catch the cats. We will do this in an as efficient amount of time as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot determine how long that will take because there are too many variables which will determine how your free roaming cats might be trapped. 
  • You will pay mileage at the current IRS rate (currently $0.58 per mile).
  • Your bill will also reflect the number of cats caught and surgical costs which are currently only $29 per cat. 
  • You can also opt to have additional vaccines or flea preventative/dewormer given at the time of the surgery, each at a cost of $15 per cat. These costs will be in addition to the other costs described above.
  • You can put a cap on how much you will spend on a project. For example, you can tell Humane Ohio that you would like to spend no more than $300 on trapping and we will stop trapping at that point. Remember that you are paying trappers wage, mileage, and the cost of spay/neuter per cat, so when putting a cap on the amount you spend, please factor in all costs. 

If Humane Ohio is doing TNR work and notices that there are kittens that might be adoptable, we can attempt to get them into our adoption program or another rescue group with your consent.  You will be asked to make a donation towards covering the costs of their care and preparing them for adoption of at least $10 per cat. The ability to put them into an adoption program depends upon foster availability and is not guaranteed at any time. Please consider becoming a foster so that we can help more kittens in need. 

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