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We had 8 adoptions this week! Mid-Week, Daisy & Tulip went to their forever homes. On Saturday at our adoption eve… https://t.co/JpnP93OWxM

Pet Food Bank Testimonials

“When Humane Ohio heard our story, they told me about the Humane Ohio Pet Food Bank so I can get food for my two boys every month! I am so thankful to Humane Ohio and all who donate pet food and give to the Cody Fund; without them, who knows where Bear would be. Thanks to Humane Ohio and their donors, I can give Bear a happy, loving home.”

~ Sandy B.


“I turned to the Humane Ohio Pet Food Bank these last few months when I became unemployed. We got Diablo a few months before I lost my job. I was so worried and concerned how I was going to be able to keep and feed him. He is a HUGE part of our family and our lives; I couldn’t imagine him not being in our home. A friend of ours knew our concerns and told us about the services offered through Humane Ohio. I owe them so much. More than words can express, I thank them for what they have provided for my family and Diablo (and if Diablo could talk he would thank you himself)!”

~ Amy H.


“Rocky and I are so grateful for the help of the Humane Ohio Pet Food Bank, which we use due to financial difficulties.”

~ Jane V.


“A few weeks ago I was fortunate to contact your organization and sign up for help feeding my two cats. I am 81 years old and have a limited income. Thanks to you, my cats – who are healthy and happy – will continue to be. I smiled all the way home! Every time I feed them, I tell them their meals are through the generosity of many animal lovers”

~ Theresa


“The Humane Ohio Pet Food Bank helps people and animals like Dani W. and her service dog Lucie. Dani has a dissociative disorder and depends on Lucie to get through each day. Lucie is trained to sense changes is Dani’s moods; she can wake Dani if she falls into a mild, trance-like state, alerting Dani if she has forgotten to take her medicine. Dani is on a fixed income and, combined with current economic times, would have found it nearly impossible to keep Lucie fed, especially because Lucie has an allergy and requires a special type of food, which we set aside whenever we have it. I don’t know where Lucie would be right now without the Humane Ohio Pet Food Bank and I’m very appreciative that the pet food bank volunteers were always helpful. I never felt judged.”

~ Dani

“The Humane Ohio Pet Food Bank has been a real blessing to my family this year. I have been out of work, and being able to get food for my two dogs and three cats has allowed me to keep my children’s pets without worrying about how I was going to feed them. Humane Ohio also helped me spay and neuter my pets. My oldest son has Asperger’s Syndrome and having his dog helps him greatly.”

~ Chip B.

“I use the pet food bank at Humane Ohio because I am unemployed and it is a wonderful resource for people like me who are trying to get back on our feet. My pets are my family; I love them as if they were my children. This unemployment has hit us hard, and it has been especially hard thinking that I might have to give away my pets. It is an amazing feeling to know that there are people out there who want to help. In economic times like these, banding together to help each other is the only solution. Thank you very much to all the volunteers, employees and those who donate to this incredible cause.”

~ Jaime L.

“I am a daycare provider and have been doing this work for 24 years. In the last two years I have become ill and have also lost clients because of the many layoffs in our area. It has become increasingly difficult to keep housing and feeding my family of four. I am very thankful for the pet food program that has recently provided food for our family pet. My pet is 12 years old and like a member of our family. She also has suffered from the lack of finances in my home. Thank you very much for the caring you share.”

~ Elizabeth


“For 24 years, I was the primary caregiver for a quadrapalegic. When her elderly dog passed away, hospice gifted her another dog. She wanted a small dog who could sit in her lap because she was in bed all day long. Her dog was a great companion to her and helped pass her days and put a smile on her face. When she passed away, I took the responsibility of caring for the dog because the only other option was for him to go to a shelter and she would not have wanted that. I have been off work for 1½ years and that’s why I use this food pantry and am grateful for the free pet food that is now being offered.”

~ John


“I recently became disabled during the same time my mother passed away. Now I am asking for or seeking help with the following: four dogs and four cats (some are her pets; some were her mother’s). Instead of taking them to the shelter, I would rather keep them in my home to provide the care and love that is needed. During the time when we are short, more and more people will need assistance.”

~ Sheri


“Hello there. I have been off work for 4½ years taking care of my wife who has stage 4 ovarian cancer so things are so tight here; just trying to keep our home. We have two small dogs and a lab. We have run out of food for these dogs and are feeding them what we can from table scraps. Can you please tell me how I can get help feeding these dogs who are part of our family? I just don’t know where to get help for this. Any help would be so great for us and our dogs. I can be there between 10 am and noon today if that would be good for you. Sorry I can’t give you a closer time but my wife isn’t up yet and I never know what to expect from day to day. We just found out on Monday that her cancer has returned for the sixth time now so we are pretty emotional right now. If this time is good for you, please e-mail or call so I know I can come. You people are a God send. We’ve been feeding them all people food. Thank you all so very much for the help and when things get better here, I will be returning the favor to you people. Thank you again so very, very much.”

~ David C.

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