Pre-Operative Instructions

Spay/neuter surgeries are performed Monday-Friday by appointment only.


On the day of your appointment, please arrive at 7:30am if your last name starts with A-K, and at 8:00am if your last name starts with L-Z. All patients are dropped off at this time in a first come, first served basis--we appreciate your patience!

When you arrive, please leave your pet in a temperature controlled vehicle and proceed to the foyer of the building to be greeted and checked-in by a staff member. To safely manage the flow of people and pets, we use a text-based waitlist system so you may wait your turn with your pet comfortably in your vehicle. You will be asked to provide a cell phone number that you have on your person by the check-in staff (or inform them if you do not have a cell phone or a vehicle to wait in). You will receive two text messages, one confirming you have been added to the waitlist and one when it's time to bring your pet inside the clinic. Depending on the day, check-in may take up to an hour!

Payment is due for any additional services, at the time of drop off.  We accept cash, all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Cash App.  We do not accept checks or CareCredit. 


All Animals: 


  • Pets that are 4 months and older in age can have food up until midnight, and water until 6:00am the morning of their appointment.
  • Pets that are LESS than four months old can have food and water up until 6:00am the morning of their appointment. 


  • When you arrive, please check in with our staff member in our front foyer and leave your dog in the car.
  • Plan for pick-up the same day at 3:00pm. (If you are picking up a dog and an owned cat, you can come at 4:30pm for both pets.)
  • All dogs must be on a leash or in a carrier; no flexi-leashes please.

Owned Cats:

  • Owned indoor cats go home the same day; plan for pick-up at 5:00pm.
  • All cats must arrive and depart in a secure carrier and cannot be carried in your arms. Cardboard carriers are available for $5.
  • Please only put one cat per carrier, unless they are small kittens. Even siblings and the best of friends can not get along after surgery after undergoing anesthesia and sterilization process.

Outdoor Community Cats:

An outdoor community cat is a friendly stray, feral/wild or barn cat who will be returned to his outdoor home. Outdoor community cats must receive a left ear tip. (Ear-tipping is a visual way to identify outdoor community cats who have been spayed or neutered. It’s a standard practice used nationwide.)

  • Outdoor community cats must have an appointment. Outdoor cats should be dropped off at 8:30am.
  • Community cats that are not comfortable with strangers MUST arrive in a live trap. We rent easy-to-use humane traps for $60 each; the cost is fully refundable upon return of our trap. All cat surgeries are by appointment. Hard plastic carriers will be accepted, but we ask that you please do not use soft sided carriers.
  • Outdoor community cats stay overnight and need to be picked-up at 9:30 am the morning after their spay/neuter surgery unless you are contacted with different instructions.
  • Outdoor cat surgeries are NOT performed in the months of January and February. Please schedule for March-December if you are bringing in an outdoor cat for spay/neuter. 

Deposits are required for all spay/neuter surgeries, with the exception of community cats.  If you schedule your pet's spay/neuter appointment online, a deposit is required when scheduling to reserve your appointment.  If an appointment is made over the phone, we require a deposit to be made either in person, or online via a credit card link sent to you, within 7 business days of scheduling the appointment.  This deposit covers the cost of the spay or neuter surgery (any additional services, or if an animal is a cryptorchid, or has a hernia repair, there would be an additional fee).  In the event you do not show up for your appointment or do not give at least 48 hours notice to cancel the appointment, your deposit will be forfeited to our clinic as a donation.