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PLEASE NOTE: Humane Ohio spays or neuters animals by appointment only.

We receive hundreds calls for appointments every day, and we will do our best to get back to everyone as soon as possible.  Please be aware that this could take several days due to staffing shortages.


If you have an outdoor, community, stray, feral, or barn cat please complete a request for an appointment here.

Clinic hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

The easiest way to make your appointment for owned pets is online - click the button on the right (or below if viewing on a mobile device.) You can also call us at (419) 266-5607, but it can be difficult to get through due to the HIGH volume of calls that we receive.  Appointments are opened up on a rolling basis 6 weeks out.  If there is not an appointment available, please check back regularly, as we open new appointments regularly.  There is a VERY HIGH demand for affordable spay/neuter in our community, and we are doing our very best to spay/neuter as many animals as possible with our limited staffing. 

Spay/neuter surgeries are performed Monday through Friday. For drop-off and pick-up times, see our Pre-Operative Instructions page.


Humane Ohio will spay/neuter kittens when they're eight weeks old and at least 2 lbs, and puppies when they're eight weeks old and 2-4 lbs. (depending on the breed). It's a myth that you can't spay/neuter kittens and puppies when they're so young - they actually bounce back from spay/neuter surgery very quickly. Pediatric Spay/Neuter is considered safe and can be less stressful on the animal than waiting until they're older.

Senior animals can be safely anesthetized by taking a few precautions. First, we request that dogs and cats eight years and older have bloodwork drawn at their regular veterinarian prior to their spay/neuter appointment. The recommended pre-surgical bloodwork is a complete blood count (CBC) and chemistry panel (Chem panel). This bloodwork checks organ function, particularly that of the liver and kidneys. Because the liver and kidneys process and eliminate medications such as anesthesia from the body, if these organs are not functioning properly, there could be complications during anesthesia. Humane Ohio does not offer bloodwork services; we are not a full-service veterinary clinic and focus solely on spay/neuter because our mission is to prevent unwanted litters.


Transport Calendar

Humane Ohio provides transport from locations in ten surrounding counties on a regular basis. See details on the calendar below for upcoming transport opportunities and how to schedule.