Spay / Neuter Transport Services

We provide transportation for pets in need of spay/neuter in a temperature controlled box truck to travel to and from Humane Ohio's spay/neuter clinic.

Our transport vehicles travel within a 60 mile radius (each way) and sets up at a central location to pick up and drop off pets, typically at an animal shelter in the area.

Our Director of Partnerships works with groups who schedule transports to help get the word out and fill the transport. This is a great way for us to offer low-cost spay/neuter to communities in outlying areas, and to offer transportation locally to pet parents who might not have access to transportation or whose schedule prevents them from coming to Humane Ohio directly.


Transport Map

For Lucas County, we do not currently have any transports scheduled. For other counties, see the map below. (Click on a marker to see the phone number to call for that location.)

We currently transport public animals to and from the following locations on a regular schedule: