What People Are Saying...

Cinder went to her first vet visit yesterday. The veterinarian was surprised at how quickly her spay incision is healing. He said the veterinarian that did her spay surgery (Humane Ohio’s Dr. Amy!) did a wonderful job. He was very impressed.

(Humane Ohio fixes animals before adoption for the Golden Retriever Rescue Group; that included a dog named Cinderella on 6/27/11.)

Cinderella’s adopter

Thanks to all the staff for their compassionate care and loving attitude. You guys really helped us a lot. We appreciate it. Thanks again.

Hammie and Captain Jack Sprague

Thank you for your kindness, professionalism, and organization as well as providing a much needed service at affordable prices. Again, I and “Angie,” “Lilly Bud” & “David” thank you!

Charlene Hamilton from Michigan

I definitely recommend, my kitty Stella had to have an emergency spay due to pyometra and they did awesome! Its been almost 24 hours since and stella is almost back to herself already. They explained everything i needed to know, very clean and the girls at the desk were so nice and understanding. Stella and I thank you for everything! Thank you for saving her life

Ashley M

Thank you all very much for taking such good care of Milo. I really cannot express enough how much I appreciate you taking Milo as a patient even though our funds were very limited. You are all wonderful, caring people. I will tell everyone I know about Humane Ohio; you are awesome. Thank you all so much.

Milo and family

Staff here is amazing. I was so nervous about dropping my boy Prince off but they assured me he would be fine and within a hour they had called and told me my boy had made it thru surgery. Highly recommend.


Rachel T

Thank you for the opportunity to get my cat spayed. I am a single mom and a full-time student that works part-time. We found (Sheba) a few months ago and my daughter begged me to keep her. Because of my fixed income I wasn’t sure I could afford to keep her, but with your help you made it possible. She is a wonderful cat. Thanks for helping us.

Terri A.

A couple of weeks ago, we brought in a couple of stray kitties that showed up on our porch. We had a male and female and had them both fixed. We have let them join the other cats in our house and they don’t go outdoors anymore. They are now happy healthy and getting quite big. Thanks again! With limited funds and looming extreme cold weather, we were concerned. Now we have one less thing to worry about. Our biggest concern now is to get them to notice that human legs are not furniture. Great Job!

Louise Wireman

I thought you might enjoy this photo of six of your “program graduates.” During the past year or so, you have spayed or neutered and immunized 10 feral cats that I have trapped and released. These six are a mother (on the railing) and five of her grown kittens. (One additional sibling was busy elsewhere on picture day. Sadly, two others disappeared last winter for unknown reasons. The tenth spayed cat lives in another neighborhood.) These cats live between my home and a nearby apartment complex and spend much of their time around the creek crossed by the bridge in the photo. A lady in the apartments and I both feed them, and both of us maintain “igloo” dog houses for their winter shelter. My sincere thanks to all of you for helping us to take care of (and limit) the neighborhood feline population.

Mike Ehrick

Please accept the enclosed contribution as a thank you for your help in spaying the feral cat from the downtown DiSalle Government Center a couple of weeks ago. It makes us all feel better that she will not have to go through another pregnancy or loose another litter of kittens. We are grateful for an organization such as yours that are committed to reducing the overpopulation of dogs and cats and improving their quality of life.

Ruth Szmania

When my son could no longer afford his dog – a beautiful six year old golden retriever/chow mix named Bear – he called some shelters and was told that if he surrendered Bear, he would most likely be euthanized because of his age. I could not accept this fate for Bear, so I agreed to take him. Bear and my neutered miniature pincher didn’t hit it off right away, and both were marking on my furniture. I thought it might help to have Bear neutered, but I’m unemployed and having a hard time financially. I found out about Humane Ohio and was able to get Bear fixed for a small cost! When Humane Ohio heard our story, they even offered me extra pain medication for Bear and an e-collar at no charge (donations to the Cody Fund covered the cost). Thanks to Humane Ohio and their donors, I can give Bear a happy, loving home, and I like that I don’t have to worry about him trying to get out and chase after female dogs in heat.

Sandy B.

I had both of my Danes fixed at Humane Ohio, which I HIGHLY recommend! The staff and veterinarians are wonderful people and very helpful. I was having issues with my male Dane, Neuma, marking and becoming aggressive towards other dogs at 18 months old. We couldn’t even enjoy going for walks or gatherings where other dogs would be. I also had a MAJOR issue (as most men have) with my boyfriend being totally against getting our male Dane fixed. In the end (and after a brief break-up over it) my boyfriend now sees that Neuma is the exact same Dane…. just minus two things. Neuma is able to enjoy walks and gatherings once again and no longer marks on my kitchen chairs or my other two dogs. My advice to anyone who has a boyfriend like mine is to go ahead and have your male dogs fixed. In the end your spouses will see nothing but GOOD comes out of getting your male neutered. It’s about your dogs’ well-being and happiness, not your spouse’s.

Denise D. Nyers