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As a Transport Specialist with Humane Ohio you will know you have made a difference in the lives of animals and their caregivers each and every day. The hours of this position vary weekly, but begin as early as 4:00am some days and other days may go as late as 8:00pm.  Transports are currently driven Monday-Friday. No holidays will be required. This is a part-time position, but could possibly be combined with the Front Office position to create a full-time opportunity. 

Transport Specialists are responsible for driving transport runs safely on schedule, loading and unloading patients from transport vehicle, and ensuring proper paperwork is transported with the animals.

Major Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Ensures complete and accurate records exist for all patients including admission forms, rabies certificates and go-home paperwork.
  • Drives transport runs, ensuring arrival and departure times are on schedule.
  • Safely loads and unloads patients from transport vehicles.
  • Ensures patients are safely secured in transport vehicles.
  • Ensures proper paperwork is transported on both intake and return runs.
  • Handles and transports cash when necessary.
  • Relays basic medical information to transport partners and owners upon release of patients.
  • Responsible for cleaning transport vehicles and cages after and between transports.
  • Maintains the good reputation of Humane Ohio in the community by communicating and acting in a reliable, friendly, and professional manner.


Requires a High School Diploma, GED or equivalent. Post-secondary education in animal related sciences is a plus. 

Key Qualifications and Characteristics:

Candidates are encouraged to have a minimum of one year animal handling and customer service experience. Must have and maintain a valid Ohio driver’s license and clean driving record. 

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Attributes:

  • Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds repeatedly throughout the day.
  • Must be able to lift and carry over 50 pounds with help.
  • Must be able to bend and kneel repeatedly.
  • Must be able to see fine detail in a variety of situations.
  • Must speak fluent English.

Desired Personal Traits:

  • Should be a highly-motivated, enthusiastic self-starter with a professional attitude.
  • Ability to rapidly and accurately process information and make decisions.
  • Ability to recognize a need for assistance and ask for help.
  • Ability to cope with frustrating situations and remain calm.

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